As we told you earlier, MSM blue-checks embarrassed themselves — BADLY! — after confusing alleged Russian spy Maria Butina with an NSC staffer.

Mic’s Emily Singer had the misfortune of adding, “I thought this was a photoshop, but it’s not…” to he erroneous tweet…

…which has quickly created a hilarious meme all of its own.

Twitter, do your thing:

With Obama:

At a Senate oversight hearing in the Marvel universe:

At a White House summit:

With Obama at the UN:

Meeting with CNN’s Jake Tapper:

Here she is showing off her fake ID:

At the Oscars, too:

OMG. She infiltrated Seal Team 6?

The resemblance is uncanny:

Putin has cloning technology?

And from her younger days training in Siberia:

Bonus: It’s not just Butina spotted in that Oval Office photo:

All hilarious!