Hollywood actor Rob Reiner, best known as “Meathead” in the hit comedy “All in the Family,” slammed President Donald Trump for “denigrating Germany” during the NATO alliance meeting that just concluded in Brussels, Belgium:

But as we told you yesterday, Donald Trump’s denigration of Germany was directed at the gas deal between Germany and Russia. The president does have a point when the NATO alliance is supposed to counter Russia but Germany is busy funding Russia at the same time. It doesn’t make any sense:


This isn’t even controversial. The pipeline Trump is talking about is called Nord Stream 2. From CNBC:

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline has split European nations, with some saying it increases Europe’s dependence on Russia and poses national security threats.

And The Guardian called Nord Stream 2 a symbol of the “triumph of Russian interests”:

By contrast the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has tried to maintain that the construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a common sense economic project, with no political consequence. For many, her refusal to see the geopolitical implications of making Europe so dependent on Russian energy shows the reach that Gazprom, the majority shareholder in the project, has into Germany. The presence of the former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder on its board and his friendship with Putin seems only to symbolise the triumph of Russian interests.

But if Meathead doesn’t take our word for it, maybe he’ll listen to Joe Biden in 2016 when he called the pipeline “a bad deal for Europe”:

And as we told you yesterday, John Kerry was also against the pipeline:

Now, we’re just asking questions here. But if Meathead is in support of Germany and the “triumph of Russian interests,” we must ask, s Rob Reiner a Putin puppet?