Ali Watkins, the New York Times D.C.-based journalist who was caught having intimate relationships with her sources, will not be fired by the paper after an investigation but will instead be transferred to New York City:

In New York, she’ll be “closely supervised and have a senior mentor”:

So after nuking Watkins in that long, long piece, she’s just reassigned?

Watkins told the Times:

“I respect and understand the Times’ review and agree that I should have handled aspects of my past relationships and disclosures differently. I sincerely regret putting The Times in a difficult position and am very grateful for the support I’ve received from my editors and colleagues here. I also appreciate the review’s conclusion that my reporting has been fact-based and accurate.”

Which Iowahawk correctly noted is the first successful use of the “Costanza defense” in history:

In case you don’t get the reference:

So, how did she keep her job?

Of note, NYT Executive Editor Dean Baquet blamed the competition for not doing a better job editing her:

Buzzfeed, HuffPo and Politico: He means you!

Baquet is also mad at the government, of course:



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