CNN senior political analyst unleashed what has to be the dumbest take yet on the civility debate when he claimed yesterday that politics today is worse than during the Anti-War and Civil Rights movements of the 1960s:


David Gergen: I cannot remember a time — the Anti-War movement in Vietnam … The Civil Rights movement in the 60s and early 70s. Both of those were much more civil in tone.

CNN anchor: Mmmm

Gergen: Even the Antiwar movement was more civil in tone but certainly the Civil-Rights movement among the people who were protesting.

Did he miss the day when Martin Luther King, Jr. was, you know, assassinated?

Honestly … WTH is Gergen smoking?

He must’ve not been paying attention to the Anti-War protests, too:

Or the bombings:

He should know all this!

But we should trust CNN or something:

Get out of the son, David. Time’s up:

And we’ll end it on this: IT WILL ALWAYS GET STUPIDER:



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