The Associated Press has deleted a tweet after coming under fire from libs for — wait for it — live tweeting President Trump’s gaggle with reporters yesterday on the lawn of the White House. Apparently, “Trump says” isn’t journalism, or something:

Screenshot via NY Daily News Columnist Brandon Friedman.

Before the deletion, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) called the AP an “effective vessel for lies”:

Musician Mikel Jollett wanted the AP to say “it’s a lie” in its live-tweeting:

Pollster Matt McDermott agreed:

Producer Kim Sherrell called the AP a “bot”:

It’s not a bot, of course. The account is managed by Eric Carvin who came under fire as well:

The AP eventually deleted the tweet after many hours saying it “did not meet AP standards”:

But other of the AP’s “Trump says” tweet did stay up and libs were pissed at those, too. Here’s Hillary staffer Brian Fallon:

So now the AP can’t quote the president?

Keep in mind, what the AP did was just a print version of what every cable news channel did. For example, here’s CNN:

And people are pissy at CNN as well: