2018 has gotten so stupid that Democrat Randy Bryce, candidate in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district, is criticizing Republican Gov. Scott Walker for taking federal money to complete a highway project in Wisconsin:

Based on every single false promise that’s now been exposed in California, saying no to the high-speed fail dollars makes a lot of sense:

California received $1 billion in funding back then:

And the latest cost projections have it costing $77 billion:

But more importantly, since when is a Dem against federal money for a road?

Oh, and he’s lying about Foxconn. This project was started way back in 2009 when then President Obama was throwing money at road projects:

The $1.57 billion I-94 project to widen the freeway from six to eight lanes started in 2009 and was supposed to be completed in 2016, but funding issues pushed the scheduled completion date back to 2032. With the arrival of Foxconn, state officials are trying to speed up the I-94 work and complete it by 2021.

WisDOT already has spent more than $1 billion of state and federal money on the project, the Milwaukee Business Journal previously reported and the state legislature has appropriated another $61.4 million.