Back in 2012, star goalie for the Boston Bruins Tim Thomas decided to skip the team’s visit to the White House and meet President Barack Obama to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup. For some really odd reason that we can’t figure out, Thomas was not the hero….


“Grow up” and “What a joke”:


Why is he not being suspended?

Even Michael Moore weighed in:

This one is bad as it insinuates that maybe racism had a hand in the decision:

And here’s an ESPN writer weighing in, which is slightly different than what writers at ESPN are saying today:

Crushed his right. Here’s the quote via Joe McDonald, ESPN:

But when the president of the United States invites you and all your teammates to the White House to honor your Stanley Cup championship, you go and represent the team.

Maybe it’s a head injury?


Shut up and skate!

He ruined it for the team!

Not a good look, especially for ESPN:



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