Congratulations to Deb Haaland for her victory last night in the primary for New Mexico’s heavily Democrat 1st Congressional District. Haaland, who is Native American, will “likely” be the first Native American congresswoman to serve:

But, unfortunately, there’s one woman standing in the way of Haaland receiving the honor of being the first Native American woman to serve in either the House or the Senate, isn’t there?

Although it does look like anti-gun activist Shannon Watts has, at the very least, admitted that Warren is not Native American. Here she is praising Haaland who she says will be the “first Native American woman in Congress”:

Update: Newsweek and Shareblue Media crap on Sen. Warren, too!

And we eagerly await someone asking Haaland about what she feels about Warren’s ancestral claims:

But it looks like everyone is just going to ignore that this is an issue, won’t they?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.



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