The Washington Post has a big piece out today on EPA Director Scott Pruitt on how he spent “$1560 on 12 customized fountain pens.”

This comes out to $130 per pen and outrage ensued:

So, how does this compare to ceremonial pens of the last administration?

President Obama, it was widely reported, used a Cross Townsend rollerball pen to sign bills:

The Cross Townsend has a retail price of $185 on the Cross website, which makes Obama’s pen $55 more expensive than Scott Pruitt’s pen.

We have no idea how many pens Barack Obama used in his entire 8 years in office, but he did use 22 pens just to sign Obamacare:

Despite the outrage directed at Pruitt, the pens had a legitimate use. From the Washington Post:

EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox defended the purchases, saying in a statement Friday morning that they “were made for the purpose of serving as gifts to the Administrator’s foreign counterparts and dignitaries upon his meeting with them. This adheres to the same protocol of former EPA Administrators and were purchased using funds budgeted for such a purpose.”

You know, just like every administration in modern history.