This, at first, seems like very good news:

But now for the bad news. This new spending is similar to the same BS feel-good nonsense that we heard from Dems that all we needed to defeat terrorism was #JobsForISIS:

Including in the funding will be $3 million to bolster youth job training and divert at-risk youth; the New York State Department of Labor is issuing a $3 million request for proposals to help connect young men and women on Long Island to job training and career opportunities. The funding will be available to local organizations that focus on work readiness training and employment for those at risk of falling into the trap of joining gangs like MS-13.

In addition, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services is making $2.25 million available over five years for non-profit agencies on Long Island to implement the Community Credible Messengers Initiative. Through the initiative, the Office of Community Partnerships and its regional voluntary agency partners will build collaborative, community-based networks to support youth returning to their communities following a juvenile justice placement, Cuomo said.

The goal is to prevent young people from returning to activities that caused them to be arrested, including involvement with gangs, and reduce recidivism.

Funding will be dedicated to vocational and employment opportunities for the youth.

We guess it’s progress that Dems are at least talking about MS-13 now:

But, in New York at least, there’s already a push to limit law enforcement’s ability to even say that people in MS-13 gangs are in MS-13 gangs because it might lead to the deportation of illegal immigrants at some future date:

Weird. Dems want to put Americans in databases, without a trial, so they can’t buy a guns but putting an illegal immigrant into a suspected gang database is somehow bad? Good luck selling that one.