Former Clinton Labor Secretary and Trump hater Robert Reich posted an exchange with a friend who was a “former Republican member of Congress” and it’s a pretty good example of how in denial the left has become over the Trump presidency.

According to Reich, there’s no way Trump gets the Nobel prize for North Korea, Dems will win the House in 2018 and the Mueller investigation and/or Stormy Daniels will take him down before 2020. But according to Reich’s anonymous Republican, Reich is living in a dream world.

Some highlights…

On 2018:

“Let me tell you something. Voters aren’t hearing a damn thing from the Dems. Nada. Zilch. If your party thinks it can win by sitting on their duffs and spouting anti-Trump crapola, they’re wrong. You think average Joe and Jane really thinks Dems are standing up for them (He laughs.) Pelosi and Schumer? Give me a break.”

On Trump leaving office before 2020:

“You still don’t get it. Mueller and Stormy won’t lay a glove on him. He’s a jerk, but he’s shaking things up, and voters like that. Every time he takes a dump on somebody important, they cheer. Whenever he skewers another sacred cow, they applaud. The more offensive he is, the more they say ‘this guy is real.’ Doesn’t matter what Mueller finds or what a porn star says. Trump is Teflon.”

Full conversation here:

It really is the Dem nightmare scenario and Reich’s friend sees it coming.