Candace Owens of Turning Point USA is furious — and rightfully so — at a Guardian piece that accuses her of defending neo-Nazis:

The piece says she defended neo-Nazis during a video appearance on TMZ, but conveniently leaves out what she said in defense of neo-Nazis:

The inflammatory Owens used the TMZ appearance to come to the defense of neo-Nazis and call the police killings of black men a trivial issue. She insisted that Trump has neither proposed harmful policies nor made offensive remarks towards African Americans.

The writer also didn’t seem happy President Trump praised Owens:

From The Guardian:

Donald Trump tweeted praise for conservative YouTube star and TV pundit Candace Owens Wednesday morning, calling the controversial commentator part of “an ever expanding group of very smart ‘thinkers’.”

Owens then tweeted she’s putting together a legal fund “to go after publications that think they can smear and libel black conservatives.” “Do you guys remember Gawker?”:

She did get some support from other conservatives as well:

However, she would have a steep hill to climb if she does go forward with the legal fund. From criminal defense attorney and 1st Amendment expert Ken White, aka Popehat:

But she does seem to be moving forward on it:

To be continued … in court?