There’s a viral video going around from an ICE raid in San Diego a few days ago showing the arrest of Alberto Alonso Hernandez, an illegal immigrant with a long criminal history. From the Los Angeles Times:

A father who had previously been removed from the U.S. was arrested Tuesday in his home after immigration officers pried open the back door with a crowbar and entered with guns drawn and carrying a riot shield.

Alberto Alonso Hernandez, 31, was targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement because of his immigration and criminal history, according to Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for the agency.

“ICE records reveal he was convicted for battery of a spouse in 2007, and has illegally re-entered the United States 16 times since 2003,” Mack said.

According to media reports, ICE agents were outside for about 3 hours attempting to get Hernandez to come out peacefully. When he did not, agents went in and the rest is viral history:

And this brings us to Brian Fallon, last seen helping Hillary Clinton get her a** beat by Donald Trump. According to Fallon, this is a “scene from John Kelly’s America”:

We seem to remember a case that Hillary Clinton might be familiar with where federal agents did something similar:

So in Clinton’s America, armed agents deport little kids back to Cuba. In John Kelly’s America, career criminals who beat up women get deported? Sign us up.