A Waymo self-driving vehicle (a division of Google’s parent company, Alphabet) was involved in an accident earlier today in Chandler, AZ:

Luckily, according to reports, there were only minor injuries because this looks pretty bad:

It appears that one human-powered car ran a red light which then hit another human-powered car which then hit the Waymo autonomous vehicle:

Police have already determine the Waymo vehicle, which was on autonomous mode at the time of the crash with a safety driver behind the wheel, was not at fault:

Video shared to Twitter before the crash showed a different Waymo vehicle attempting to enter the highway. When it couldn’t merge safely, the car just took the exit instead to reroute to the next destination. Maybe the cars aren’t very good looking toward the side?

Today’s accident comes just weeks after an Uber self-driving car killed a woman crossing the street in Phoenix:

In the Uber example, dashcam video shows the safety driver not watching the road at the time of the accident:

Uber quickly settle with the woman’s family to avoid a lawsuit:




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