Goldbely, a company that ships gourmet local food across the United States, is claiming in a Facebook ad that “climate change champion” Leonardo DiCaprio ships pizza baked in New York to his home in California.

“Leonardo DiCaprio loves to ship NY PIZZA to California,” according to the company whose mission is to “Discover America’s Most Legendary Local Foods & To Make Them Available to People Anywhere, Nationwide.”

According to the company’s website, Leo’s pizza of choice is  from Artichoke Basille’s Pizza in NYC:

Their namesake pie, the Artichoke, is a massive thing of beauty. This decadent New York pie has people lining up around the block for a slice at all times of day in their NYC and Berkeley, CA locations—especially at night. Hugely popular with students and young people in Manhattan, since launching Artichoke Basille’s Sal and Fran have also scored big time fans including Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jimmy Fallon, Keith Richards, and Momofuku’s David Chang.

Wow. Leonardo DiCaprio’s pizza has a larger carbon footprint than the average American, but we would expect nothing less from the climate change hypocrite.