Ford is “heartless” because the company announced it will no longer manufacture sedans and instead will focus on high-profit vehicles like trucks:

Now, although the article says Ford is “heartless” right up front, you have to read the entire article to find out why. Here’s the second-to-last paragraph:

The losers, of course, will be the workers. If you’re working on the Ford Taurus production line today, your future is far from rosy. Ford CEO Jim Hackett is working for shareholders; the old paternalism of the Ford family has fallen by the wayside, destroyed by financial logic.

And here comes the chaser…

Ford sent in this update after publication:

Update, Apr. 28, 2018: Ford sent Slate the following statement about its employees who work on the Taurus:

There are no job losses at Chicago Assembly Plant, where Taurus is currently built. We are investing heavily in Chicago for the next-generation Explorer as well as an all-new Lincoln Aviator. We expect demand for these new vehicles to support the same number of employees as we have today.

Wow. So not only is Ford not heartless, they’re working for their employees as well as shareholders.

Exit question: Why hasn’t Slate changed its headline? Note the update happened on April 28, but Slate is still tweeting out the incorrect version of the headline.



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