Sally Kohn has a new book out called, “The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity,” but a quote in the book is being called into question after the person quoted — businesswoman/writer/podcaster Aminatou Sow — says the conversation Kohn referenced never happened.

This thread is long, but worth it.

(TL;DR: Kohn is accused of making up a quote. She’s apologized and the quote will be “pulled from the digital edition and future print run.” But this question remains: “If she can’t talk to me how am I supposed to believe she talked to those people for her book?”)

Sow starts off with the setup as how she and Kohn first met:

Here’s the quote where Kohn calls Sow — who, mind you, they just met in a car service — a “friend”:

Details do matter:

Kohn allegedly admitted that she did not factcheck the sources in the book:

Sow, who is going public now, didn’t get much in the way of help from the book’s publishers:

And Kohn is stonewalling:

Worse? It sounds like a pretty crappy book:

But all the right people are behind it, which Sow isn’t happy about:

Sow goes on to ask if Kohn’s skin color has anything to do with it:

And Sow can’t get reporters interested in Kohn’s sloppy reporting:

Apparently, Kohn was talking behind Sow’s back while all of this was going down:

So, who else did Kohn not talk to in her book?

Sow, however, did get Kohn to apologize and make a donation over the error:

And Sow still wants to see Kohn’s notes:

Good luck with that.


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