Remember the story about Kellye Burke from yesterday? She’s the Texas Dem councilwoman and Moms Demand volunteer who was charged with a misdemeanor for berating a teenage girl at a cookie shop because she was wearing a Trump shirt:

Anyway, the way we left off the post yesterday was with a tweet from Houston reporter Jacob Rascon who reported that the family of the girl had “accepted [Burke’s] apology.” Well, that didn’t last long…

After our post, Rascon added to his thread with a report that Burke’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, told a local website that Burke said:

“I apologized. I was not aware that repeating the President’s words was a crime. On behalf of the President and me, please forward additional questions to the White House.”

Shouting “Grab them by the p*ssy” at a young girl is totally not the same thing. At. All.

“Backlash” ensued and Burke later asked the website to pull that statement, saying it was from her attorney and not her:

Hardin then apologized for the statement, but not really:

The damage, however, was done. The parents who were ready to forgive Burke are royally pissed, now not doubting their filing of charges against the councilwoman:

We can’t wait for the next chapter…