A train load of poop — literally — is sitting in an Alabama rail yard after local residents, for some strange reason, objected to using the material as ground cover at a landfill in Adamsville, AL:

The poop, technically called biosolids, is the processed remains from sewage water treatment plants in New York and New Jersey which had contracted with the Alabama landfill:

But, surprise! Using processed poop as landfill cover is smelly and the town sued to end the practice. Via NJ.com:

Big Sky received approval from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to begin using the biosolids as alternative cover at the landfill in 2016.

Parrish’s neighboring town of West Jefferson filed an injunction against Big Sky after residents began to complain about the smell coming from a rail yard that was used to offload the cargo containers from trains onto trucks for transport to the landfill.

The town was successful and as a result, the trains were moved to Parrish and are still sitting there.

Easy solution: Send the poop back and let New York and New Jersey deal with it.