Broward County is ordering all students at Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Fla. to switch to clear backpacks when students return from Spring Break on April 2:

Maybe the clear backpacks will provide the deputies with a more engaging environment and they won’t go to sleep?

And it doesn’t sound like students are convinced:

Keep in mind, this is pretty common at schools across the country:

And major brands like Victoria’s Secret are already selling versions as they’re required for entry to many concerts and stadiums:

Other security procedures will be put in place such as ID badges:

And the school is considering fewer entrances to campus and metal detectors:

The school superintendent, however, does not think metal detectors will work because “someone is not going to go through a metal detector with an AR-15”:

Well, there were two students arrested this week for carrying weapons on campus. Maybe the metal detector and clear backpacks are for them?