Really CNN? Is this the “real news” Jim Acosta likes to talk about? Yes, this is a funny picture of Donald Trump Jr. and some lifesize Easter candy, but did you need to do an entire article about it?

Here’s the original photo, via Andrew Rush of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Also, this line from CNN’s report is crazy:

The chocolate bunny — or perhaps rabbit — in the photo’s foreground obscures what is likely an actual journalist conducting a television interview with Trump Jr.

Oh really? It’s “likely an actual journalist” asking the president’s son a question and not some freak chocolate Easter treat come to life?

At least Donald Jr. had a good sense of humor about the photo:

Don Jr. also had to wear a hair net to tour the factory:

And he had a good sense of humor about this photo as well:

Don Jr. was at the Sarris candy factory to campaign for Republican Rick Saccone ahead of today’s special election in the PA-18:

It’s weird how CNN covered the bunny reporters but not the jobs added by Sarris thanks to the Trump tax cut: