“This is terrifying,” Twitchy regular actress Alyssa Milano tweeted, adding two siren emojis for emphasis on a Boston Globe article claiming “Trump wants new authority over polling places”:

Except, it’s all BS.

The Secret Service responded to the Boston Globe after the story was first published to explain 1) that they wanted the language added in the bill, not Trump and 2) the legislation is only to clarify that Secret Service agents can, you know, do their job on election day just like on every other day:

Catherine Milhoan, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, said Saturday that her agency is seeking “clarifying language” to ensure agents can access polling places while protecting candidates.

The request, she said, was in response to an incident during the 2016 election when officers encountered “some reluctance” from staff at a polling location. The poll workers worried that letting in armed agents would violate a federal law barring troops from polling places, she said. She didn’t have details on which candidate or which state the incident occured.

“The only time armed Secret Service personnel would be at a polling place would be to facilitate the visiting of one of our protectees while they voted,” Milhoan said.

This story was updated to reflect a comment Saturday afternoon from the Secret Service.

So, not so terrifying, is it? Maybe she should have read the article before sharing it…