Earlier today, CNN reported, via Jim Acosta and a single anonymous source, that President Donald Trump is “very unhappy” with Sarah Sanders and how she handled questions Wednesday on Stormy Daniels. “Sarah gave the Stormy Daniels storyline steroids yesterday,” according to this single anonymous source:

Well, OK. By now we know that sources in the White House have agendas and it’s usually a good idea to take a report like this from a single source with a grain of salt, right?

Or maybe you make it the top story on your website instead:

Sigh. Not only that, the actual write-up of the tweet above took 3 people at CNN to complete. The byline includes Jim Acosta and Veronica Stracqualursi, with Kevin Liptak listed as contributing to the report.

As for the source, the online write-up describes him or her as someone “close to the White House,” which could by any of, oh, a few thousand people or so. Maybe for a top billed article like this there should at least be as many sources as reporters before “overhyping” it?

Exit question: In the hours since this story was first reported, CNN can’t find a single other source to corroborate it?