Well, this isn’t the way things are supposed to work:

From NBC News:

Tony Garces was still reeling from his injuries on Tuesday, nearly two weeks after he disarmed a possible church shooter in Amarillo, Texas — and was then shot by police.

Speaking to NBC News by phone from his hospital room at Heart Hospital of Northwest Texas, Garces, 54, said that he was admitted to the emergency room on Monday with a blood clot in his lung.

On the morning of Feb. 14 — the same day as the Florida school shooting that killed 17 kids and teachers — Garces wrestled a handgun away from a man who had entered the chapel at Faith City Mission and threatened to hold church attendees hostage.

According to some reports, Garces was holding the gun when police arrived:

The Amarillo Police Department is investigating the incident:

On 2-14-18 at 8:54 am, APD Officers were sent to the Faith City Mission located at 401 SE 2nd Ave. The initial call indicated that an armed suspect was holding approximately 100 people hostage in the chapel. Investigators believe that responding officers entered at two different entrances to the building. Officers came into contact with a man that had a gun in his hand. One or more officers fired shots at the man. The man was hit and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Location of the wounds is not currently available.

The initial investigation indicates that the man the officer shot had originally been in a struggle with the original suspect and had taken away the gun from the suspect. The initial suspect has been taken into custody and is not injured. No other persons were hit by gunfire. This is very early in the investigation and more details will be available at a later time.

And now for the predictable reaction from the left:

Yes, it was a terrible mistake but one man’s bravery saved how many? That’s the point of arming teachers.



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