Good. Arrest any violent student as they need to be put into the system so they can be prevented from buying a gun in the future:

According to KCRA, the protest was peaceful … until it wasn’t, that is:

At least five students from a high school in Stockton were arrested Friday during a protest against gun violence. Hundreds of students from Stagg High School started the protest peacefully until about 100 students started jumping the fence to leave campus grounds.

Boy, this will really teach the NRA a lesson:

Also according to KCRA, students at a nearby high school protested gun violence by cutting class and running through the mall, although at least these kids didn’t do any damage. They just annoyed shoppers and smiled for the cameras:

Maybe they covered irony on the day the students missed class?

But let them vote!

This is not your parents’ kumbaya:

And after protesting, the kids at a Tide Pod for likes on Instagram:

If only Democrats could take control of the California legislature…

And finally, NOPE:



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