There an article making waves on Twitter right now by New York Times columnist Andrew Sorkin where he suggests that one way to “curb gun sales” would be for banks and credit card companies to “ban the purchase of” the admittedly “completely legal product.”

Sorkin justifies this by writing that the banks already ban you from buying bitcoin on a credit card, so why not:

Sorkin goes on to write that if the banks and credit card companies don’t act, then maybe Visa and MasterCard’s biggest users could pressure them into this scheme:

And here’s a variation on the same theme: What if the payment processing industry’s biggest customers — companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, AT&T, CVS and others that regularly talk about “social responsibility” — collectively pressured the industry to do it? There’s a chance that some of the payment processors would stop handling gun sales. Perhaps their voices would help push one of the banks to step out and lead?

Liberals, of course, think this is just a Cracker-Jack idea:

And they wonder why conservatives say they want to ban guns? They’re not even hiding it any longer.

Now, imagine how libs would react to say a push from conservatives to ban the sale of entertainment they don’t approve of:

Or for Planned Parenthood?

Or any other industry or product?


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