Last week we told you how Scott Baio told Nicole Eggert to file a police report instead of making accusations against him on social media and television.

Well, it looks like he got his wish. Eggert shared this article from The Daily Mail titled:

Charles is charged: Nicole Eggert is meeting with police in Los Angeles to file a report against Scott Baio after revealing six new witnesses support her on-set molestation claims

In the article, Eggert claimed she has “6 on-set eyewitnesses” that will back up her account:

And because it’s Hollywood, Eggert and Baio traded TMZ clips on Friday with Eggert first telling Baio to “come clean” for his daughter’s sake:

Which, as you’d expect, didn’t set well Baio:

Eggert’s attorney, Lisa Bloom (is she the only attorney in Hollywood?), shared a Facebook post from one of the eyewitnesses:

An excerpt:

I witnessed inappropriate behavior from the adult Baio and my minor friend Nicole plenty by Baio on set. I know about the times he touched her inappropriately during the time she was 15 and 16 years old and that can never be mistaken for her being 18 years old.

Although not everyone in Hollywood is standing behind Eggert. Kristy Swanson accused her of going aftetr Baio because of politics:

Which Eggert denied:

And Baio continues to deny all charges:

Eggert was involved in a similar incident in 2007 in a case that was eventually thrown out of court by the judge because of her story kept changing: