Editor’s note: This post has been updated.


The White House clarified President Trump’s tweet earlier claiming viewership of his SOTU speech was the “highest number in history”:


President Trump is back on Twitter after a brief hiatus following Tuesday night’s State of the Union and talking about the Nielsen ratings for the speech:

Now we don’t know exactly what information he’s using to claim “the highest number in history” — maybe including streaming online? — but if you go by Nielsen ratings numbers alone, it’s not accurate:

And about 30 minutes after the president praised Fox News in that tweet, the @FoxNewResearch account posted the Nielsen numbers as well, contradicting Trump:

Did Fox News just subtweet the president?

But like we said earlier, the president could still be proven correct once online numbers are included/estimated:

Either way, today’s news cycle just got hijacked the same way it did following inauguration crowd coverage: