We keep hearing scientists tell us that climate change due to anthropogenic factors will, at times, increase the amount of snowfall in places, so we’d thought we’d show you how the gathered global elite in Davos are dealing with our warming planet.

1. There’s a lot of snow:

2. 14 feet of snow to be precise:

3. It turns out that global warming makes for some really beautiful photos:

4. But global warming does present challenges, especially for pilots:

5. Thankfully, President Trump has really good pilots who are able to land Marine One in any weather condition. Or is it a climate condition? We get confused:

6. Here’s another shot of Marine One behind a giant snow drift:

7. Global warming also means making sure you have heavy machinery on hand, like the green excavator on top of the giant snow drift below:

8. The press is getting a close-up view of the snow just in case they couldn’t see it everywhere else:

9. Another postcard shot!

10. And finally, the saddest man in Davos for some reason: