Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is traveling through Asia and he stopped in Indonesia for a two-day visit to “bolster military relations” with the island nation.

A visit that included what could be the most BONKERS display by military special forces we’ve ever seen.

Check it out:

Then there was fire and acrobatics:

But the highlight had to be the snakes. Watch as these soldiers literally bite the heads off the serpents and drink their blood:


After the snakes came the attack dogs:

Although not everything went perfectly. Apparently, one soldier shot another soldier with a BB gun. From Stars and Stripes:

One soldier held a red balloon above his head as another, clad in a black mask, raised a pellet gun and fired. The first shot clipped him and he later appeared to be in pain. A second shot found its mark.

And Mattis’ reaction to it all? “Pretty amused”:

Later on, Mattis said he “enjoyed the snakes”:

And he commented on the anti-terror dogs as well:

We love this guy! More from the VOA writeup:

“Me and the snakes,” Mattis joked afterwards with reporters. “When you watch a force do that many small things perfectly, you can imagine that they can also put the bigger issues together.”

“Even the dogs coming out of the helicopters knew what to do,” he added, laughing.