The show “Barney” always creeped us out and now it all. Makes. Sense.

Check out what the guy in the purple dinosaur suit is up to now:

Yes, it’s that type of massage. From Vice:

A full session with tantra massage specialist and spiritual healer David Joyner lasts three to four hours and costs $350. For that price, female clients—the only kind he accepts—can expect to receive a ritual bath, chakra balancing, and a massage. Also on the menu: cosmic, mind-blowing orgasms.

The latter can be achieved through massage alone. But the goal of a session is to fully release a woman’s blocked energy.

Remember the lyrics to the “Barney” song? Sing them to yourself now that you know what this guy is all about:

And OMFG — he was training at the same time he was around the kids?!

Although tantric massage experts consider his methods to be “unorthodox,” especial the “penetrative,” “unprotected” sex part because “condoms block the energy”:

Read the entire report from Vice here.


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