Paul Ryan spokesman Doug Andres, who we told you got into a fight with Jimmy Kimmel over CHIP funding and the government shutdown, has a question for Dems now that the shutdown has ended:

Really … why DID Dems close the government?

And did anyone tell Jimmy Kimmel the good news?

Apparently not.

Kimmel RIPPED into Sen. Chuck Schumer on his show last night saying Dems got “nothing” out of the deal:

From the Daily Beast:

“Democrats and Republicans reached a deal, kind of a deal, to reopen the government for, well, for at least three weeks. They agreed, the Democrats, to fund the government through February 8th in exchange for a promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that they would have a debate and a vote on DACA,” Kimmel said in his monologue Monday night. “In other words, for nothing.”

Weird. No word on CHIP funding, Jimmy? Maybe Chuck forgot to send him those talking points:

Anyway, now that Republicans have funded the CHIP program for another 6 years, Kimmel still mocked Kellyanne Conway, because he’s classy like that:


Editor’s note: The headline has been corrected due to an editing error. It’s “conscience,” not “conscious.”



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