Well, it looks like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s claim that the passenger who lost her first class seat to the congresswoman was upset because the congresswoman was black might not survive much longer…

Here’s the latest from the Washington Times:


From the Washington Times:

Now a teacher, Ms. Simon, 63, is the author of “Guatemala: Eternal Spring Eternal Tyranny.” A 2012 blog post on Amnesty International said Ms. Simon donated 1,000 copies of her book to schools and universities in Guatemala “to keep the truth of what happened alive.”

So, who are we to believe? A woman cited by Amnesty International or a woman with a history of behaving badly on airplanes?

However, United did share evidence with the ThePointsGuy.com website to back up the company’s version of events:

According to code in the company’s internal system, which TPG was allowed to read but cannot share because it contains proprietary information, Simon’s reservation for a first-class seat for Flight 788 from Houston (IAH) to Reagan National (DCA) on Dec. 18 was canceled via the United mobile app, either on purpose or by mistake, at 11:22am. The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 11:55am, but by that point had already been delayed. It eventually took off at 2:02pm, according to FlightAware.

But Ms. Simon is disputing this as well, tweeting that “United does not say whose app” was used:

And Ms. Simon argued she would never cancel a ticket without rebooking: