The big winner in Alabama last night, other than Doug Jones, was NBA legend Charles Barkley who supported Jones and campaigned for him throughout the state. CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed “Sir Charles” after Jones’ win and, surprisingly, Barkley used the air time to take a shot at Democrats:

Barkley called last night’s win a “wakeup call” and that Dems need to “stop taking black and poor white voters for granted”:

Here’s the video:

Hey, he gets it:

And we think we’ll be seeing much, much more of the NBA legend in the weeks ahead:

Could Barkley be the winner the DNC is looking for?

Not only a better record than Bannon, but President Trump, too:

And even LeBron:

Here comes the Barkley for DNC chair chatter:

Transcript of Barkley’s chat with Jake Tapper here:



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