Rep. John Conyers Jr? Come on down! You’re the next contestant on, well, whatever you’d call a game show where hypocritical liberal creepy old dudes pay their way out of sexual harassment claims:

One of the women was fired because she refused Conyers’ advancing and secretly settled with Congress for $27,000:

Congress is able to keep these payments secret by disguising them as severance pay:

Mike Cernovich actually tipped off BuzzFeed on Conyers, telling the website that if he published the material on his own, the liberal media wouldn’t believe him (fact check: TRUE):

The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich, the men’s rights figure turned pro-Trump media activist who propagated a number of false conspiracy theories including the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. Cernovich said he gave the documents to BuzzFeed News for vetting and further reporting, and because he said if he published them himself, Democrats and congressional leaders would “try to discredit the story by attacking the messenger.” He provided them without conditions. BuzzFeed News independently confirmed the authenticity of the documents with four people directly involved with the case, including the accuser.

Time to give credit where credit is due:

Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, we have questions:

As for Conyers, there. Were. Warnings:

Who’s next?