A photo posted on the Facebook page of Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar & Grill in Allen, TX back in August has gone viral this week after the internet mob discovered it and decided it was offensive for some reason.

Check it out for yourself:

It’s accurate, no? Caitlyn is a woman and Bruce was a man … that’s what liberals want people to accept, right?

Anyway, the Facebook page of the restaurant has been inundated with hate over it:

“This has already be done so you are not original. But you made national news. Free marketing…at someone elses expense. Very poor taste. KARMA”

“What a shock, ignorant morons in Texas.”

“Awesome! I love it! I wish more bigots would wear their narrow-minded, Neanderthal views on their sleeves at all times. Then they’d be easier to identify and avoid like the plague!”

“this is HORRIBLE and BEYOND disrespectful. I would not be surprised if you lose business. I would never eat there if i saw that.”

“I hope Caitlyn comes and rips this place apart.”

But others don’t see the big deal:

“This was done in Los Angeles at a bar and received as mostly lighthearted… why is it so offensive in Allen”

“I like the doors, they are beautiful and it speaks the truth. 1 is the old Bruce and the other is the new Caitlyn. You can’t be mad at the truth.”

And the story is now drawing national attention — again, for a photo from August: