President Donald Trump and surrogates are out this morning attempting to sping George Papadopoulos as a “low-level volunteer” to the campaign and nothing more than a “coffee boy.”

Here’s former Trump campaign staffer Michael Caputo on CNN this morning:

And here’s what the president tweeted earlier today:

However, the Washington Post is reporting that the coffee boy was in contact with former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, adviser Sam Clovis as well as Paul Manafort. According to the Post, the interactions between Papadopoulos and team Trump were about Russia, not lattes:

Clovis’ attorney told the Post that he was just being a “polite gentleman from Iowa” and that why he was responded to Papadopoulos with, “I would encourage you [to] … make the trip [to Russiaia], if it is feasible”:

Also, Trump’s tweet calling Papadopoulos a “known liar” doesn’t really accomplish what the president thought it would:

Others were quick to remind the president that the only reason we know about Papadopoulos in the first place is because the president mentioned him by name as a member of the campaign’s foreign policy team:

Here’s what Trump said to the Post back in March 2016:

And later on, Trump posted this photo labeled as a “national security meeting” with Papadopoulos in attendance:

Today’s Post also reported that 5 days after the meeting. Papadopoulos traveled to London to meet a contact who could introduce him to “senior Russian government officials”:

Five days after Trump named Papadopoulos as one of his advisers during a meeting at The Post, Papadopoulos and Mifsud met in London. The professor brought with him a Russian woman who was introduced as a relative of President Vladi­mir Putin who had connections to senior Russian government officials.