Today show host Matt Lauer is under fire after this interview he did with former child star Corey Feldman turned into a grilling of Feldman over his accusations of rampant child abuse in Hollywood. Check it out:

Come on Matt, you’re supposed to be better than this:

Anyway, the interview was publicized as a sit-down with Feldman to talk about sexual abuse in Hollywood, not an interrogation:

Now let’s compare what happened yesterday to this old Lauer interview of accused child predator Kevin Spacey:

At the end of the interview — which is all fluff — Spacey jokes with Lauer about cursing.

“It’s a bad habit?” Lauer asked.

“It’s a pretty bad habit,” responded Spacey. “I have to remember if I’m at some charitable event where kids are — like if you’re playing tennis at some charitable event cause they have microphones — and I have to remember, don’t swear in front of the kids.”

Remember, when trying to allegedly seduce underage boys to always watch your language!?

Watch for yourself:

And there are a lot of other interviews with Spacey that the Today show needs to answer for. If Spacey’s behavior was such an open secret, why the adulation?