Democrat Ralph Northam has a new campaign flyer out that attempts to not only link Republican Ed Gillespie, his opponent in the Nov. 7 gubernatorial election, to Donald Trump but to the white supremacist Charlottesville protesters as well:

There’s really only one way to describe it:

Or maybe two words:

But if you don’t believe us, believe the Roanoke Times that said, Gillespie “and Northam are on the same side here” on “anything related to Charlottesville”:

According to the Washington Post, Northam approved the ad and it was paid from by the Democratic Party of Virginia:

The back of the literature features a prominent image of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, along with Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring, with the message “This is our chance to stand up to Trump, Gillespie, and hate.” All three Democrats approved the ad, and the Democratic Party of Virginia paid for the mailer.