NFL take note.

A photo of 3 roofers in Maine who paused their work to stand as the national anthem played during a high school football game has gone viral after getting posted to Facebook.

Michelle Lyons Cossar, who snapped the picture, wrote:

Standing for the National Anthem at the Old Town Waterville football game today and from behind the stands we hear, ‘Hey, look! They aren’t kneeling.’ When I turn to see who said it, this is what I saw…three men roofing a house and respecting the flag. #classyroofers #nokneelinginWaterville

Classy roofers indeed!

More from Fox News:

The three men in the photo are Dwayne Harrison, Danny Thyng, and James Scruggs, according to Cossar.

Harrison, who is on the far right in the photo, told Fox News that standing for the anthem was the “right thing to do.”

“It is a respect thing for myself — we did not do this to prove a point,” Harrison said, adding that he wasn’t aware that a picture was taken.

Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking,” and these roofers have it.



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