Colin Kaepernick, who still wants to play in the NFL, has reportedly filed a grievance under the league’s collective bargaining agreement alleging the owners have colluded against him:

Well, that might not be the best way to get an owner to sign you, ‘eh? Especially since it was Kaepernick who opted out of his contract last year in the first place. From Bleacher Report:

Kaepernick opted out of his contract at the conclusion of last season with the expectation he would find a new landing spot but has not gotten a new deal and has received surprisingly little interest compared to how well he played last season. He finished the year with 16 touchdowns and only four interceptions in 12 games.

Kaepernick should sue whoever colluded with him and thought breaking his contract was a good idea, because people don’t think he will be successful:

As for Kaepernick’s future, with Aaron Rogers out for Green Bay, there is an open spot. Could be a fit?

Or, in terms of a GIF: