FOX 2’s Dan Gray found himself the target of protesters in St. Louis on Friday who were angry at the not guilty verdict for police officer Jason Stockley over the death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

Along with this verbal tongue lashing, which Gray called “the scariest moment in my career,” he was hit with three water bottles, “one in the back of the head and two in the shirt.

Tell us more about the scary Trump supporters, eh?

Along with the anger at the media, protester threw rocks and debris at police officers:

Which sent multiple officers to the hospital:

3 officers were injured in the protest, which really wasn’t a protest at this point:

Update: 9 officers were injured:

From Missouri Governor Eric Greitens:

And they attacked a library:

And the mayor’s house:

And the American flag:

And, for some reason, a Subway restaurant:

What a dumpster-fire of a night — literally: