As we told you last night, NARAL was roundly criticized by conservatives after they tried to link pro-life groups to the white supremacists seen in Charlottesville. Here’s their very bad tweet again ICYMI:

But it’s actually worse than that as white supremacists are … wait for it … big supporters of abortion:

Including Richard Spencer:


And Spencer doesn’t even hide it:

And this:

Life Site adds:

In case you missed it, Spencer can’t be opposed to abortion in all circumstances because he quite likes the idea that a lot of African Americans and Hispanics are having abortions. This is a common idea on the alt-right—Alymer Fisher wrote a long column warning his fellow alt-righters against succumbing to “the pro-life temptation” for precisely this reason. It’s not families we care about, he warned—it’s white families.

NARAL just doesn’t get it:

But hey, do what you gotta do NARAL: