It’s stories like this that make voters questions everything that goes on in D.C. Why can’t the VA get rid of bad employees?

Brian Hawkins, who was the director of the DC VA Medical Center, was fired back in July after a months-long investigation into his conduct:

“On July 28, VA terminated the employment of former Washington DC VA Medical Center Director Brian Hawkins because he failed to provide effective leadership at the medical center,” the Department of Veterans Affairs said in a statement. This action underscores VA’s commitment to holding all employees accountable if they fail to do their jobs or live up to VA’s values.”

He was “reassigned” back in April as the investigation went forward:

But Hawkins appealed the July firing and was put back on the payroll:

Brian Hawkins was put back on the Department of Veterans Affairs payroll after he appealed the decision to the Merit Systems Protection Board. Hawkins was let go last month after audits found mismanagement at the facility.

The board is requiring the VA to keep Hawkins as an employee until the Office of Special Counsel reviews his claim.

In a statement Wednesday, the VA says Hawkins had been reassigned to administrative duty at VA headquarters in Washington and would not work directly with patients.

And now he has to be fired again:

It says VA Secretary David Shulkin will explore other ways to fire Hawkins under a newly enacted accountability law signed by President Donald Trump.



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