A tweet from over in London has gone viral with over 30,000 RTs and counting accusing a white male of Islamophobia. The woman in the picture below is the alleged racist’s girlfriend, which makes this whole story at little suspect:

The British Transport Police are investigating:

Well, the investigation was made easier after the man in the picture, Pawel Uczciwek, contacted the BTP himself to tell his side of the story. According to Uczciwek, it was the woman in the original tweet who’s the racist and he’s asking the BTP to release the CCTV footage to prove he’s right. Seems to us that he’s pretty confident in his side of the story:

The BTP has acknowledged this other side of the story even though the rest of Twitter has not. 30,000 RTs for the Islamophobia allegation and only 125 at the time of this post for the response:

We eagerly await those tapes.