The website “Eater” reviewed Chick-fil-A and came to the conclusion that “you probably shouldn’t eat” at the restaurant because of the company “unpalatable baggage”:

Got that? Christian now equals “unpalatable baggage.” From the review where it’s suggested that partons eat at more progressive eateries like Shake Shack:

And there’s the culinary question, which is whether you should brave the (fast-moving) lines at the home of the “original” pressure-fried chicken sandwich, or whether you should patronize more ambitious (and progressive) poultry-purveying peers like Fuku (only in New York) or Shake Shack.

I used to visit the Chick-fil-A during my D.C. college days, circa 2000, as a cheap and reasonably tasty source of protein after a workout. Nearly two decades later, in my capacity as a restaurant critic, I’m here to report that the increasingly ubiquitous chain serves a pretty good fast-food breakfast, a pretty great frozen coffee, and a pretty average chicken sandwich.

I’m also here to report that it’s the only top 10 quick-service restaurant that doesn’t mention sexual orientation in its online equal opportunity statement, and that it holds a zero rating on LGBT benefits and worker protections from a prominent advocacy group. McDonald’s scored 100. (When I asked Chick-fil-A about this, a rep responded with a general statement reaffirming its commitment to equal opportunity and said that it’s up to local franchisees to determine benefits.)

In other words, this is “Stalinist”:

And we do wonder if Eater has ever asked any Middle-Eastern restaurant about these issues?

Can you just review the food, eh?

But too be honest, this review won’t stop anyone:

Or maybe this review will actually help the company?

And now for the worst part of the review:

Delete your website.



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