For today’s misleading headline award we have The Hill and this gem on the Trump campaign and document preservation:

What the headline doesn’t say is that the campaign wasn’t legally obligated to retain any of these records and it’s no big deal that any emails, etc. were automatically deleted from the Trump campaign’s servers. If you don’t believe us, click the link because that’s what The Hill actually reported later on in the piece:

Political campaigns, Politico noted, are typically not required to preserve emails on their private server for long windows of time, and most messages are deleted within 30 to 90 days, unless steps are taken to preserve them.

More from the Politico article The Hill rewrote:

Unlike the White House, which is subject to federal recordkeeping requirements, campaigns aren’t bound to preserve documents. But staffers may have some emails still backed up on their phones or computers, or documents — including calendars and other records that could wind up being critical for investigators.

As for how this plays politically, here’s former DNC chair Donna Brazile, a defender of Hillary Clinton careless email archiving practices while she was Secretary of State, on this news today:

She doesn’t get it, does she? Team Trump can “lose” every email they ever sent during the campaign and thanks to her candidate, Dems can’t say jack about it:

And since she’s on the subject, does Donna have all of her campaign emails?

We’ll wait.