Raw Story, and other libs, are giddy right now over reports that Sean Hannity is taking an “abrupt” vacation in the hopes that like former Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly, the vacation will turn into something permanent:

Others quickly questioned the timing of Hannity’s downtime:

And these folks weren’t buying Sean Hannity’s explanation that it’s his “ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend”:

But, sorry guys — here’s proof that there’s nothing abrupt or unplanned about the vacation. From our former colleague Erick Erickson:

Because my radio show starts right after Sean’s show on WSB in Atlanta. On May 18th, my boss asked me to put on schedule for today and tomorrow to start my show at 3pm ET. Why? Because Hannity would be out for Memorial Day vacation with his family and they’d like me on locally instead of his guest hosts due to Atlanta traffic issues. Hannity’s television vacation days are always in conjunction with his radio vacation days.

Fox News issued a statement that Hannity will be back as well:

Narrative busted.