Over 30,000 retweets, and counting, on this tweet from CNN contributor Ana Navarro alleging that Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are pledging  $100 million pledged to the “Ivanka Fund” which she compared to the Clinton Foundation:

This is the very definition of “fake news.” The fund is actually run by the World Bank and called the Women Entrepreneurs Fund. Ivanka Trump proposed the fund, but has absolutely nothing to do with how it’s run:

More from the WSJ:

Ms. Trump has made the promotion of women entrepreneurs a signature part of her focus since her father’s inauguration in January. She has advocated for issues such as paid family leave, though the issue has gained little traction in Congress. While she had proposed the idea of the World Bank fund, Ms. Trump doesn’t control it or raise money for it, one person familiar with the plans said.

Navarro followed up with a second wrong tweet, at least with respect to No. 3:

FWIW, if Navarro doesn’t believe us she could always turn to NPR: