Bill Maher interviewed Senator Elizabeth Warren on Friday night for his HBO program “Real Time” and jokingly called her “Pocahontas” when talking about why Trump voters won’t embrace Democrats. Check it out…


Bill Maher: “…they’re still with him. They’re not with you. Explain to me what that disconnect is”

Elizabeth Warren: “Actually, I’m going to push back. I disagree with you.”

Maher: “His fans are not with you…”

Warren: “Hold on…”

Maher: “Come on. They don’t like you, Pocahontas.”

And here’s her face right after the joke:


As you can see in the video, she’s none too happy with Maher and ignored the comment as the audience laughed:

Unfortunately for her, she just can’t keep avoiding the issue of her fake Native-American heritage, even when it’s brought up in the most friendly of situations.